Our credo

Personnel company “Departament Resursov” has worked in Ukrainian job market since 1998. We are successful in filling in positions of CEO, CFO, Chief accountants, top managers of marketing and promotion for whole sale and retail. We also fill in top and middle managerial positions in sea business, transport, logistics, banking, IT, building, design and construction for Ukrainian enterprises, foreign firms and joint ventures who are looking for right people for right jobs.

  1. Our principles:

    • 1. Safety and confidentiality for both — an employee and a candidate: we present information that helps to fill the position in, but thoroughly keep private information of everybody.
    • 2. We do not have private interest in any candidate, but we act in accordance with employee interest.
    • 3. We give candidate the opportunity to only take part in one project from our personnel company simultaneously, till the customer take the decision who would be hired for the position.
    • 4. We exclude the job offers for our customer’s team members during all the time of their work for his/her company.
    • 5. We check up recommends from candidate’s previous job place under his/her personal permission and after positive customer’s feedback about interview provided.

  2. Recruiting procedure:

    Our recruiting ability is one of the best in our industry. We have developed a five-point, recruiting process that enables us to provide exceptional resource quickly. This process also assists us in meeting our goal to provide top-quality talent.

    • 1. Application – candidate’s form – prescreening = prescreened candidates get evaluated.
    • 2. Assessment – technical and HR interview conducted = shortlisting.
    • 3. Document verification, background screening and reference checks.
    • 4. Presentation of Job Offer to final candidate, getting positive decision and fixed date of candidate start trial period.
    • 5. Candidate’s adaptation to his/her new place of job, regular giving feed back to employee about the process of professional and personal adaptation.

  3. Coast, payment and garantee insuranse

    • 1. Our service is paid by employee. It coast 10% of annual candidates salary and defined in course of our consultations with customer during discussing of the position.
    • 2. Payment is divided in two parts:
      • 20% — prepayment before the search started;
      • 80% — after the final candidate accepted the job offer and started his first working day at customer’s company;

    • 3. We guarantee our customer 3 month trial period and if the candidate selected failed, provide our customer with competitive candidates.

We are always open to constructive and fruitful work with our prominent customers!